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All users will only be able to log into CCDCS using their primary email address or User Name. If you previously used to log in using a secondary email address on your CCDCS account you must start using either your primary email address or User Name from now on. Please bear this information in mind if you have your login details saved on your browser and update your saved details if they are not set to use your primary email address or User Name. User Names are set by account holders when their accounts are created and are not in the format of an email address.

Please Note a primary email address can only be a Justice, CPS, eJudiciary or CJSM email address.


Update 17/08/2022 - Issue with downloading LAA Report

The above issue has now been fixed. Users are no longer required to manually update the Bundle before being able to download the LAA report and should now not receive an error when downloading.


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